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Intermediate Level Intelligence - Connecting the Dots

**This course is formerly known as Intermediate Intelligence for Narcotics Officers - Connecting the Dots**

This course is restricted to US military law enforcement personnel along with other local, state, and federal civilian law enforcement employees to include criminal analysts, and corrections officers.

There is no cost to attend this training.

Course Description
Recognizing that the nature of crime is not static and that criminals are increasingly becoming sophisticated, this intermediate-level training has been designed to enhance skills that provide investigators and intelligence practitioners the means to successfully "connect the dots."
Connecting the Dots was developed as a seamless follow-up to the MCTC course entitled " Introduction to Law Enforcement Intelligence." This 5-day curriculum reveals the "next-level interface" between "operational intelligence" and the support functions it provides to those engaged in investigations involving multiple subjects engaged in multiple crimes. The tactics, strategies, and techniques explored in this course will prepare investigators, analysts, and intelligence practitioners to confidently assess, unravel, develop, and manage the obstacles customarily associated with investigating more developed or evolved criminal targets, schemes, gangs, organized conspiratorial groups, and covert threat groups.

This exceptionally practical, "hands-on" course is intended for those who may be engaged in: supporting protracted criminal investigations; assessing threats;  developing estimates;  preparing case analyses;  market profiles or financial (flow) analyses;  conducting latent criminal investigations; conducting gang monitoring assignments;  vice or drug enforcement;  street crime abatement;  criminal intelligence collection; or serving as a liaison officer in a regional or state fusion centers or multi-agency task forces.

Various analytic techniques (both manual and computerized) are introduced in order to hone the student's ability to examine and organize large volumes of disparate data, and assist them in overcoming the challenges typically  encountered when investigating "seemingly unrelated" crimes and criminal ventures  that involve multiple criminals, engaged over a protracted period of time, traversing jurisdictions, involving multiple victims, complainants,  witnesses and informants / sources, and producing a greater than routine number of exhibits and evidence.  Fortunately, these are challenges that can all be successfully managed utilizing the techniques introduced in this course.
In order to demonstrate the efficiency, effectiveness, and practicality of the tactics and techniques  discussed in the class, an interactive "practical" exercise has been added, allowing attendees to "brain-storm" a variety of scenarios and experience the realistic application in real time.

This course is consistent with the 2007 minimum Criminal Intelligence Training Standards for the Criminal Intelligence Officer, as prescribed by the International  Association of Chiefs of Police.

Course Length
Intermediate Level Intelligence - Connecting the Dots is a 5-day (40 hour) course

Not required, but preferred that students take Introduction to Intelligence prior to attending this course

NOTE: Approved Courses for Professional Certification

The successful completion of both the Introduction to Intelligence for Law Enforcement and the Intermediate-level Intelligence courses entitles the Midwest Counterdrug Training Center student to qualify for professional certification by the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA). IALEIA is the largest professional organization in the world representing law enforcement analysts. The IALEIA Professional Certification Program (CICA) is rooted in the concepts of professionalism as set forth by the Society of Certified Criminal Analysts, and it is guided by the recommendations of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan and the recommended standards for certification organizations in the Law Enforcement Analyst Certification Standards.

The two courses have been certified by the IALEIA and meet the established criteria of a basic intelligence course (listed at https://www.ialeia.org/accepted_classes.php). Students are encouraged to apply for the Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) designation directly with the  International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, PO Box 13857, Richmond VA 23225 (424) 246-8350   https://ialeia.org/

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