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Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

Video Surveillance for Drug and Border Investigations
Tuesday, August 31 - Thursday, September 2, 2021
Course Start: 9:00 AM CT

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Central: 0900 AM

MCTC Distance Learning Requirements

 1. An internet enabled device: Macbook, PC, Desktop, Chromebook, or Mobile Device
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Online Course Description
This 3-Day Online Course teaches the techniques and skills needed to shoot Surveillance Video with camcorders. Participants will need to provide their own camcorders in order to video practical exercises on Day One and Day Two. Those videos will be reviewed online by the instructors during one-on-one zoom calls.

The course will cover long-range camcorder surveillance, covert systems, how to plan a successful video surveillance and the situational awareness necessary for safe operations. Students will be exposed to state-of-the-art covert video surveillance systems. Covert audio transmitters are an important part of drug work. Participants will learn how to link the audio from those transmitters to their camcorders. This class begins with camcorder basics and is appropriate for those with little or no experience as well as participants with years of video experience.

Students will shoot video exercises on Day One and Day Two, and must load their video exercises on for review by the instructors. Those Online Review sessions will take place from 8:00AM until 10:00AM on Day Two and Day Three of the class. To successfully complete this course, participants will have to be able to demonstrate a mastery of basic skills through their videos and pass a online final exam.

Course Topics
- Shoot surveillance video and other forms of uncontrolled action
- Safely shoot moving surveillance video
- Use video for pre-operational briefings
- Link "body wire" receivers to camcorders
- Use night vision equipment & IR illuminators with video cameras
- Use 35mm format lenses with compatible video camcorders
- Be familiar with basic covert video systems for close-in surveillance

Course Length
Video Camcorder Surveillance Techniques for Drugs & Border Investigations is delivered in five-hour blocks over three consecutive days.  In addition, participants will need to be available to take part in one-on-one zoom calls to review their video exercises with the instructors.

Course Materials
Prior to the class, each participant will receive by a workbook, crime scene ruler and a “Knock Out Plug” (to ensure they can shoot silent video) by FedEx.

Required Equipment
- A video camcorder (to record 3-5 exercises after completing the online lectures on days 1 and 2).
- A computer with an internet connection to upload videos to a provided link. Note that this computer MUST be able to connect to the video camcorder or media card in order to capture the video exercises.

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