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High Risk Event Planning for Narcotic Operations

This course is restricted to US military law enforcement personnel along with other local, state, and federal civilian law enforcement employees to include criminal analysts, and corrections officers.

There is no cost to attend this training.

Course Description
Raids for high risk narcotic warrants are extremely dangerous situations, and we can never be totally prepared for every eventuality in the fluid and dangerous environments in which we operate. This class presents a system for planning and preparing for high risk situations, teaching precautions that can be taken to insure the highest possible degree of safety while insuring the highest likelihood of success in our planned events. This class also presents scenario-based training, and how to give a structured briefing of planned events. The goal of this class is to impart to the officers the knowledge, techniques and the confidence needed to operate more safely and successfully during high risk planned counter narcotic operations.

Topics Included

-Equipment considerations
-Briefing and presentation skills
-Intelligence gathering for high risk operations
-Risk analysis and threat assessment
-Command post considerations
-S.I.P.R.E.E.D.D. "a high risk event planning system"
-Medical considerations for high risk operations
-Scenario: teams assign, develop, and brief high risk event plans (a practical exercise)

Course Length
High Risk Event Planning for Narcotic Operations Level I is a 4-day (32 hour) course.

There are no prerequisites required for this course.

There are no scheduled classes available at this time.

MCTC provides on-site and mobile training of the highest quality at no cost to the student to all those involved in the fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse.

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