Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

Highway Drug Investigations for Patrol
Wednesday, May 26 - Friday, May 28, 2021
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Alexander Convention Center
Directions: 200 North I-35 Frontage Road, Cotulla, TX 78014

Local Area Hotel Information

The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriot
417 I-35
Cotulla, TX 78014
(830) 879-4748
Price: $99. per night (mention police training)

Registration is restricted to US military and sworn law enforcement personnel.

There is no cost to attend this course.

Course Description
The primary purposes of Highway Drug Investigations are to detect, interdict, and disrupt the continual flow of illicit drugs on the nation’s highways. It is where the struggle for superiority of the nation’s highways takes place; a contest between uniformed police officers and the most prolific and dangerous illicit drug traffickers in the world (i.e., Transnational Drug Trafficking Organizations). Emphasis is placed on Mexican drug trafficking organizations, the smuggling routes, transportation corridors, and distribution networks in the United States. Confronting the threat to national security, highway drug interdiction operatives stand as the vanguard in the nation’s second line of defense against those who would export illicit activity, lawlessness, violence, and corruption into the country.

Moreover, comprehensive post-interdiction investigative methods and techniques are emphasized in order to further identify and debilitate ongoing illicit drug-trafficking schemes that have a nexus to highway drug interdiction stops (e.g., conspiracy investigations, government controlled deliveries of contraband, and other investigative methodologies designed to advance a criminal investigation).

Topics Included

  • Modus operandi of drug trafficking organizations
  • Detection of drug-laden vehicles
  • Weapons trafficking
  • Vehicular contraband concealment
  • Gathering of strategic drug intelligence
  • Bulk currency seizures and investigations
  • Effective strategies designed to disrupt the use of the nation’s highway as a delivery/profit gaining system for illicit drugs and weapons

Course Length
Highway Drug Investigations is a 3 Day (24 Hour) course.

There are no prerequisites to attend Highway Drug Investigations.

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