Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

AC4C Work Retreat
Thursday, November 30, 2023
Meeting Starts: 9:00 AM

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The purpose of the AC4C is to create a unified group of coalitions across the State of Iowa working together to further reduce the effects of substance abuse on Iowans. AC4C intends to do this in part by: sharing resources, materials, and knowledge; create a network of professionals that have a diverse knowledge, experience, and interests; provide information and support to state and federal legislatures and agencies on current and emerging trends and needs; work with partners to create a statewide marketing campaign and resources.

The AC4C has identified four work areas we believe benefit coalitions across Iowa. Members volunteer to work on one of these areas where they have the most interest or expertise. Work groups: Training & Technical Assistance, Communications & Marketing, Legislative & Community Education, Coalition and Program Resources and Technology.

Projects include: Developing common priorities for reducing underage drinking in Iowa, developing web-based access to shared resources and other information, working to raise awareness of the alliance and make more of an impact on communities.

This retreat will provide opportunities for attendees to network with other Iowa coalition coordinators, learn what is happening at the State level, provide input on upcoming trainings/conferences, share information, join the efforts in workgroups, and continue to develop the website.

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