Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

SWAT Entry to Chemical Environments/Labs
Monday, August 16 - Thursday, August 19, 2021
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Midwest Counterdrug Training Center
Directions: 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131

Limited No Cost Lodging Available

This course is restricted to US military and sworn law enforcement personnel.

Tuition and Fees
There is no cost to attend this training.

Course Description
The course is designed for law enforcement officers who are required to make entry and secure a suspected clandestine laboratory prior to assessment and processing.  The course includes a one-day review of the chemical and physical hazards associated with tactical response to methamphetamine and other chemically hazardous labs. The following three days involve practical scenarios utilizing Simunition guns along with lab safety equipment. Each of the practical scenarios will include the use of air purifying respirators and self-contained breathing apparatus while clearing a house and executing a search warrant.

The course will provide officers with the techniques and survival tactics necessary to develop or compliment their present experience dealing with the mental and emotional states of the suspect and the unknown chemicals in a methamphetamine laboratory. Additionally, heroin/fentanyl entries and safety protocol are covered, and Butane Honey Oil extractions.  Students do not have to have any prior clan lab training/experience. 

This class is for officers who are going to be making an entry into a suspected lab site or heroin/fentanyl location. Each hands-on exercise shall be followed by an after-action review of the students’ products in order to ensure all training objectives have been met.

Topics Covered

• History of Clandestine Labs and Officer Injuries
• Introduction and Review of Manufacturing Methods
• Methamphetamine Ammonia and Red Phosphorous and One pot methamphetamine
• Conversion labs
• Heroin/Fentanyl
• Butane Honey Oil
• Raid Planning
• Types of entries
• Intelligence gathering
• Support for operation
• Contingency planning
• Laboratory entries

Required Equipment
- Appropriate raid/entry gear to include body armor, helmet, gloves, shield, etc., and wear appropriate clothing
         - APR/gas mask, SCBA if you have one. NOTE:  APR’s/SCBA’s will be provided at the training if you do not have one

Course Length
SWAT Entry to Chemical Environments/Labs is a 4 Day (30 Hour) course.

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