Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

DEA Authorized Container Storage Certification
Tuesday, August 10 - Thursday, August 12, 2021
8:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Location: Midwest Counterdrug Training Center
Directions: 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131

Limited No Cost Lodging Available


Registration is restricted to sworn law enforcement personnel.
Personnel must be clandestine laboratory certified or a direct supervisor
of ACS certified officers to attend this class

In July of 2011 the United States Congress passed funding to re-establish the COPS funding for the Drug Enforcement Administration for the use in the clean-up efforts regarding the ever growing issues involved with clandestine methamphetamine laboratories.  Tied to this funding is the requirement to establish training for State and Local Police Officers involving the use of a centrally located storage facility to store those items that are seized at a clandestine laboratory.  By establishing these facilities it reduces the cost of a clandestine laboratory clean-up from approximately 2,500.00 dollars per laboratory to approximately $250.00 per laboratory.  This includes the training of state and local officers in the proper transportation and storage of hazardous waste resulting from the manufacturing of methamphetamine; this training must meet OHSA, DOT, and EPA standards as well as all chemical storage requirements.  As a result of this mandate, DEA established the Authorized Centralized Storage Program (ACS). 

You must successfully complete this course to participate in this program.  The program is managed by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, Division of Narcotics Enforcement.

Be a state or local law enforcement entity with in an authorized ACS area. (Iowa container locations are, Council Bluffs, Clinton, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Lee County
40 hour clan lab certified or someone who will be an administrator of this program for their department.
Current with required medical screening (yearly physical with appendix C satisfied)

Target Audience: Local and State Officers

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