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Midwest Counterdrug Training Center

Advanced Physical Surveillance for Counternarcotic Missions
Monday, October 2 - Friday, October 6, 2023
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Location: Midwest Counterdrug Training Center
Directions: 7105 NW 70th Ave, Johnston, IA 50131

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All prospective students will be placed on a waitlist and notified by email, usually within a week of registering, if they are accepted into this course. Verification of attendance and completion of the Basic Physical Surveillance course is the pre-requisite to attend this course.


This course is restricted to US military and sworn law enforcement personnel

Course Description

This 40 hour training course will immerse law enforcement students who have successfully completed the Basic Physical Surveillance Course, into advanced surveillance tactics deployed with dynamic investigative functions. These advanced surveillance tactics and dynamic investigative functions will be deployed in a synergistic manner during this course to prepare the students to utilize physical surveillance against hostile targets, hypervigilant targets, and well-trained targets. As each student will experience throughout this course, effective physical surveillance tactics without intelligent investigative decision-making can hinder or damage an investigation. The goal of this highly interactive, ultra-challenging and realistic training course is to elevate the effectiveness of experienced narcotics investigators to better manage difficult investigations requiring the use of physical surveillance.

The law enforcement officers attending this course must be fully prepared to engage in high-pressure, high-intensity physical surveillance scenarios while making critical decisions which may change the course of the overall simulated narcotics investigation.

This course will immerse the students in a singular, ever-changing, narcotics-related investigation in which the daily investigative results, and final outcome, will be determined by the surveillance tactics utilized, their level of precision, and the critical, often split-second, decision-making by the surveillance team members.

Beyond the tactics instructed during the basic physical surveillance course, students will be instructed and immersed into managing hostile surveillance, highly-critical UC cover surveillance, conducting surveillance along suspect-utilized surveillance detection routes, countersurveillance methods, rapid critical thinking, planned and/or spur of the moment takedowns, ruses, suspect control techniques, and other methods.

 Difficult foot and static surveillance scenarios will be common during the course as well as the unplanned deployment of team-splitting, multi-faceted surveillance, interchanging, traffic-control, rapid and multiple adjusting, switching, and methods to detect/defeat hostile surveillance and countersurveillance.
Course Length

Advanced Physical Surveillance for Counternarcotic Missions is a 5-day (40 hour) course


Students must have completed the 5-day Basic Physical Surveillance for Counternarcotic Missions course prior to attending the advanced course. All applications submitted will be verified that each prospective student has successfully completed the Basic Physical Surveillance course.

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