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Patrol Officer Response to Street Drugs

Registration is restricted to US military, law enforcement, and emergency response personnel. 

Tuition and Fees
There is no cost to attend this training.

Course Description
This course is designed to enhance the ability and skills of all attendees to identify, detect, apprehend and successfully articulate the drug trafficker, distributor and the drug impaired person. This includes the DWI or the drugged driver; the calls for service where persons are involved in disturbances; juveniles using drugs on school grounds or domestic violence; it should be used on the confidential informant being utilized in a narcotic investigation and all other enforcement needs where the person or persons are under the influence of a drug. The concept and strategy in this program of instruction uses the structured, in depth coverage of the 8 drug categories, to include the Drug Abuse Recognition (DAR) system and other advanced techniques as a means of legally apprehending the drug manufacturer, distributor and specifically the user.

All students must academically pass a written test with a 70% or 81 points out of 115 possible points to successfully complete the course.

Topics Included

  • Drug Abuse Recognition system using pupilometer cards and pupil lights
  • Drug physiology and pharmacology
  • Drug Identification and methods of use
  • Recognition of drug signs and symptoms
  • Drug trends
  • Drug smuggling
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Dangers of confronting subjects under the influence
  • Legal issues and coverage of all areas of warrantless searches
  • Clandestine lab recognition
  • Drug distribution techniques

Course Length
Patrol Officers Response to Street Drugs is a 4 Day (40 hour) course.

There are no prerequisites to attend this course.

There are no scheduled classes available at this time.

MCTC provides on-site and mobile training of the highest quality at no cost to the student to all those involved in the fight against drug trafficking and substance abuse.

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